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Introduction To Maui Wowie Mange Buster®

You’ve probably already done some research. You’re looking for a remedy you can do yourself at home so your dog’s mange will heal, a remedy that’s inexpensive, simple and safe, and does not use potentially dangerous drugs and shots or numerous expensive visits to the vet.

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You’ve Come to The Right Place

Is mange making your dog miserable and driving you crazy?

Has the vet already diagnosed your pet with dog mange?

Or, do you think your dog has mange because of it’s skin condition and the poor thing can’t stop scratching?

Do you want to find out more about mange?

Are you looking for a remedy different and less expensive than the vet’s recommendations?

Are fleas out of control and you don’t like the continued use of chemicals from the vet or the pet store?

Does your dog smell bad no matter what you bathe it with, and the nice smelling shampoo from the pet store doesn’t help much?

Ear Mites can be a problem. Do you think mites might be in the ears of your dog or cat causing intense scratching and shaking of its head?

Your pet is part of your family just like ours is, and it hurts to see it so miserable, scratching and smelling and losing its hair. Dog mange is an awful thing. Fleas are relentless. Itchy ears are irritating.


Is this your dog?

  1. Bare spots and sores on its body from scratching and biting itself.
  2. Patches of hair loss getting bigger or spreading.
  3. Your dog is lethargic and has lost it’s healthy appetite.
  4. It’s skin looks awful and you don’t feel like touching your pet.
  5. Your wonderful family pet is looking like that old saying “mangy mutt.”
  6. You’re worried about what to do.
  7. Fleas keep coming back and you don’t want to keep using harsh chemicals.
  8. Constant scratching of its ears can damage your pet’s hearing.
  9. The smell won’t go away even with regular shampooing.

Our Mange Buster remedy is mostly for dogs, but ask us about cats.

We created our home remedy to kill the mites so canine mange will heal and hair will regrow. The true story of our 4-month old Doberman with mange is found at the top of the left column on this page and the Home Page. You can read about our personal experience of killing the mites and healing dog mange.

Did you ever imagine you could get excited about watching hair grow?.

As a bonus our mange remedy also kills fleas and gets rid of pesky dog odors.

Maui Wowie Mange Buster®, is simple, affordable and safe. It can be easily mixed and used at home or in your kennel without expensive shots, dips, dangerous drugs or scary sprays..

Maui Wowie Mange Buster® remedy comes to you in the form of a mini Dog Mange eBook. We do not ship any product.

Get It right Ear Miter Remedy is also available from this website as our home remedy.

After your purchase is processed, you are sent an email with a link to download and print the 8 pages of instructions directly from your own computer. The ear mite remedy is 3 pages.

You then buy the ingredients at your local supermarket for less than $10.00.

There is no waiting for product to arrive and no re-ordering.

The Maui Wowie Mange Buster® Remedy tells you what to expect and what actions you will need to take during the treatments and the healing process, and gives suggestions for prevention of a recurrence

Many testimonials from happy dog owners from many parts of the world who successfully used the Maui Wowie Mange Buster® Remedy to heal mange are included on our Testimonials page.