How To Have Happy Allergy-Free Pets In Spring

Dogs are one of the reasons why Jordan’s life is very meaningful. Through the years, having pets at home has allowed him to gain expertise in the pet arena and now writes for Coops And Cages and in other blogs, sharing his own personal views on pet-related issues with bloggers like me and to the […]

Common Dog Allergies

It has long been suggested that a “dog is man’s best friend “if you are a dog owner you will be very aware at how compassionate and affectionate they can become and can very much be part of any family. Therefore a certain amount of responsibility falls to us in respect of the dogs care […]

Inhalant Allergy

An inhalant allergy in your dog, also known as atopy is an allergy to something that your dog inhales. Dogs can be affected by some of the same allergens as humans, including pollen (grass, trees, weeds), molds, mildew or dust mites. When a dog has an inhalant allergy, he may react by becoming severely itchy. […]

Medications For Dogs With Allergies

If you have a dog that suffers with allergies, it can be sheer torture to watch your dog go through the suffering and the process of scratching, biting, licking, chewing all to no avail,what your dog may end up with are hot spots, bald patches, and ultimately open sores which can leave you desperate for […]