Medications For Dogs With Allergies

If you have a dog that suffers with allergies, it can be sheer torture to watch your dog go through the suffering and the process of scratching, biting, licking, chewing all to no avail,what your dog may end up with are hot spots, bald patches, and ultimately open sores which can leave you desperate for medications for dogs with allergies.
There are several types of medications for dogs with allergies.

Your vet will most likely conduct some testing and then he may prescribe a steroid for your dog. Steroids help to boost the immune system and strengthen your dog’s ability to ward off the sensitivity to a specific allergen. Steroids are great for the short term, but they can end up being harmful, and can cause heart damage in long term use. Sure, you may be relieving your dog’s symptoms with steroid medications for dogs with allergies, but you can end up shortening his life while you are at it.

Antihistamines are another of the more popular medications for dogs with allergies.
If you do not get a prescription for these from your vet, you can also use over the counter type antihistamines, but you have to ensure that your check with your vet as to which of these are safe to give to dogs, as well as the proper recommended dosage.

Antihistamines are one of the most effective medications for dogs with allergies because they can they can soothe irritation. Again, though, these are not meant for long term use, because they can have various negative side effects or cause your dog to be very sleepy and inactive.

As far as antihistamines go regards medications for dogs with allergies although very effective this should only be a short term solution.
While many people seek medications for their dog, it is more important to figure out exactly what your dog is allergic to. In this way you can avoid your dog’s exposure to that allergen as much as possible.

Sometimes it can be as simple as the stuffing contained in the bed your dog sleeps on, other times it can be much more complicated and take longer for you to discover what the problem is.

Most people do not even consider that dog food is one of the most common dog allergens. The dry dog food that you purchase for your dog (store bought kibble) is one of the worst things you can give to your dog, because of what it contains. Much of the kibble you can buy in the store is loaded with corn meal, wheat by products, dyes, preservatives and other things with little or no nutritional value. A dog has a great deal of difficulty digesting much of this content and can end up with malnutrition or you may notice that your dog needs to go outside a lot to do his business.

This is not to say that all dog food is bad, there are some higher quality foods, but you will definitely pay a lot more for these foods. It is totally worth it, though, because you are going to find that your dog is getting better nutrition, has more energy and you may also eliminate the allergen from his diet at the same time.

Medications for dogs with allergies are a short term solution eliminating the source will better serve your dog.

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