Natural Dog Treats

Dog owners love to reward their loyal friends with treats, but it is important to keep some important tips in mind when you choose treats for your dog.

Some people believe that rawhide chews or pigs ears are good natural dog treats. The truth is that rawhide is not easily digested by your dog’s system and pieces of this “treat” can lodge in your dog’s intestines, stomach or throat, causing the need for expensive surgery to remove the blockage. Pigs ears are extremely high in calories and fat and may cause your dog to gain an excessive amount of weight.
Choosing appropriate treats means you will need to examine labels carefully, just as you would when you purchase food for yourself. Avoid products that have a lot of additives, coloring, salt or sugar. Preservatives are bad too, some of them are known cancer causing agents. Instead, choose treats that are high in protein.
Bones are not always the best choice for natural dog treats. The main reason is that pieces of the bone can break off or splinter and become lodged in your dog’s throat, stomach and intestines, which may lead to severe injury, illness or even death.
The best natural dog treats are ones that you make yourself at home. You don’t even have to cook anything if you don’t want to. Dogs love high protein snacks, such as hard boiled eggs, and fish, turkey, chicken or beef because they are natural carnivores. Store bought treats and foods are loaded with carbohydrates which are fillers and contain no real nutritional value overall.

Good choices for home made dog treats include foods that are low in fat and high in nutrition, including vegetables, raw baby carrots, pineapple, apple, broccoli and pear. Dogs love organ meat, if you don’t mind cooking, you can bake beef liver in your oven until it is very well done and then chop it into small pieces for treats.

One of the best treats you can give your dog is your love and attention. All that dogs want, really, is to be loved and for you to spend time with them. Take your dog for a walk each day and allow your dog to be with you, whenever possible.