Scabies Treatment And Scabies Rash

The Scabies Rash is highly contagious and dangerous to your families well being. A single egg laying Scabei can burrow creating tiny tunnels under your skin and lay 40 eggs at a time. The eggs mature in about 21 days and eat their way back out to the surface of you skin and then live off of your own skin till in a very short time they once again burrow into your body and further infect you by laying eggs repeating the cycle with each female laying 40 eggs during its short life time. It does not take long before you are infested with thousands and in some cases millions of the little itching crawling scabies. Scabies are very tiny and invisible to the naked eye and we have movies below that show them in action living their lives on your body. So it stands to reason the faster you get Real Scabies treatment the smaller the problem will be.

Scabies are only transmitted by contact. They cannot just jump from one person to another and can only live 2 to 3 days off of your body. They have often been transferred by sexual contact between people. They are what others have called CRABS and made the joke of shaving your pubic hair and killing them with an ice pick when you set the other side on fire! Scabies Rashes or Scabies mites do hurt and itch that bad when they begin to take hold. It happens most often when you have a weak immune system they gain a foothold faster and grow more.

Scabies Mites are small eight-legged parasites related much closer to spiders than to insects. The mites are small to get an idea of their size just look at the period at the end of this sentence. The mites burrow into the skin and both the burrowing and the allergic reaction your body has to the mites under the skin produce intense itching. The itching tends to be worse at night and when you take a hot bath.

The most common locations for scabies to form burrows and live are on the sides of fingers, between the fingers, on the backs of the hands, on the wrists, heels, elbows, armpits, inner thighs and around the waist.

Several tests are used by doctors to see if you have a scabies infestation. The doctor can take skin scrapings and examine the scrapings under a microscope to find any eggs or mites present, or the can do an ink test where ink is placed on the skin and then washed off. If the ink soaks into the skin it may reveal some of the tiny burrows that the mites make. The burrows are usually less than an 1/8th of an inch long.

They can be transmitted by clothing like lice so if your clothing is hung next to some one who has them they can cross to you. . Below is a story of what happened in one school and what can happen to your family at anytime

This happened in a school and can happen anywhere.

Johnstown school nurse Sunny Humphrey is seeking parents’ assistance in an effort to fight a recurrence of scabies at Oregon Elementary.

Humphrey told The Independent that spots are back on some of the same students in the first-grade class that dealt with an outbreak in early March.

“We are assuming resurgence,” she said. “It isn’t like there are new cases. We’re researching it and redoubling our efforts.”

Scabies are tiny mites that burrow under the skin and produce intense itching and red bumps that usually look like insect bites. The mites are attracted to the warmth of humans, especially to areas like the underarms and between the fingers.

The bumps often don’t appear until four to six weeks after the infestation, Humphrey said. Scabies are spread by skin-to-skin contact.

The district needs parents’ help in being alert to the symptoms and taking their children for treatment, if they show signs of scabies.

“Don’t just consider it a mosquito or flea bite,” Humphrey said. “We need the parents help in communicating with us. We’re doing all we can do. I appreciate the parents who’re offering suggestions. I’m open to listening to suggestions.”

She said six cases of scabies were originally confirmed, including the first-grade teacher.

“Naturally we’re on high alert,” Humphrey said. “So far, it’s contained to that classroom.”

The district hired an expert nurse for most of last week to help with the effort, according to Humphrey.

“We’re putting an extra person on it, making sure children are getting clothes in a bag,” she said. “It’s taking a lot of time to fight this for me. There are still 1,500 other kids in the district too. We’ve been successful in containing it so far, so good. I hope we’ve got it.”

Following the advice of the Licking County Health Department, the first-grade classroom has been cleaned and inspected and the students are now keeping their coats and book bags in individual plastic bags during school hours.

The LCHD also recommended the school clean any upholstered furniture and rugs, as well as any plush toys or other items in the affected classroom.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention indicate that children and adults can return to school or work 24 hours after being properly treated to get rid of the Scabies Rash with a good Scabies Treatment.

In addition, the CDC recommends that bedding and clothing of those individuals who are infested with scabies be washed in hot water and dried on the hot cycle in order to assist with controlling the infestation.

The major Scabies Treatment to get rid of what looks like the Scabies Rash is given by doctors and is based on chemical insecticides. Insecticides will kill the infestation but their safety is in question. One of the insecticide based ointments that is used is Permethrin. At its best it may kill the scabies but has to be applied several times and can have unpleasant side effects such as itching and burning. The biggest concern is that this chemical treatment is created from the chemical, Pyrethrum. There has been serious concern that this may be a carcinogen.

Lindane, which is another prescribed chemical treatment which was widely used until recently has now been banned in over 40 countries due to possible associations with leukemia, seizures and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Malathion is another insecticide which is also used and there is evidence to suggest that this can cause breathing difficulties, nausea and headaches in the people who use it. All in the name of getting rid of a tiny almost microscopic creature that could have been treated naturally and easily without the side effects of putting poison on your skin. The insecticide has to be rubbed on your body from the toes to the top of the neck and left for about 16 hours. In order to kill the bugs and has to be repeated later to kill the little bugs that may have hatched and been missed. Oh and the probability of being re-infested is pretty high remember you only have to leave one alive on your coat, hat jewelry etc. One of the movies below shows the infestation that can happen even in a clothing store.

Now the good news there are easy to use treatments that will get rid of the bugs that are literally eating you. They are safe and work. I will list a couple that may help you and take a week or so to work but do not require any harsh chemicals. If you want to be rid of the Scabies rash and want a real treatment now then the instant download E-Book below will tell you how to do it NOW.

The Scabies Remedy report is safe fast and works for you guaranteed. The 60 day no questions asked guarantee itself is incredible they have so much confidence in the method.

If you have the time to wait and are not worried about missing a bug and infecting others then try the home remedies at the bottom below the movies. If you want them dead today then take action order the instant download e-Book that shows you how to get rid of them today without pesticides being rubbed all over your body and left all day. Then take the no risk offer, prove it works, and get rid of your dangerous and unsightly itchy Scabies rash with a REAL Scabies Treatment.

Historically Sulfur has been used by mixing with at base cream of 6 – 10% sulfur (white sulfur works best). It was first recorded having been used in Roman times as a scabicide. It does work but many people are allergic to Sulfur and if used in a tub it can leave a nasty stain that is hard to get rid of.

The Scabies mites can live several days off of a human body so to avoid re -infestation, all clothing, towels and bedding should be thoroughly laundered as treatment is begun. Laundry and washables need be washed in hot water over 120o F. You should use straight hot water to get that temperature. You may need to shut the cold water valve to the washer to get it. Then all laundry needs to be dried if possible in a hot drier. All personal items including combs, brushes, barrettes and anything with which infected people have had contact should be soaked in hot water over 120o F or sprayed with a pesticide.

Bagging anything that may have come into contact with the people is good idea furniture and carpeting should be vacuumed and chairs covered with plastic to keep re-infestation from happening. In most cases your child can return to school after the first treatment and after all clothing, towels and bedding have been washed.


  • Regularly change and wash all clothing, bedding, towels and under wear.
  • When laundering towels, clothing and bedding use hot water and 20 mule team borax laundry soap.
  • Do not share clothing or other personal articles such as hair brushes, combs or towels with one another.
  • If there is an outbreak of scabies reported reported in a school hospital or other institution be alert for symptoms in member of your family.
  • If some one in your family has scabies, please notify the school authorities so the school will be alerted to check for any outbreak.